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          Welcom toShanghai King-cell Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
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          About us

          Company introduction

          Shanghai King-cell Biotechnology Co. Ltd. was established in Shanghai Jinshan Industrial Zone on April 19, 2017. As a bio pharmaceutical enterprise, King-cell is committed to innovation and safe vaccine development and production. It was formerly known as Beijing Cell-fusion Biotechnology Co. Ltd. located in zhongguancun Beijing, after more than 6 years rese…...

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          The company in the Jinshan Industrial Zone covers an area of 80 acres, the first phase of construction including Purified Hamster Kidney Cell Rabies Vaccine (CEF), Purified Hamster Kidney Cell Rabies Vaccine (human diploid cell) workshop, quality inspection building, animal laboratory, pilot plant and warehouse complex totaling 91 thousand square meters,The …...

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          CONTACT US

          Contact:Shanghai King-cell Biotechnology Co., Ltd.




          Address: Shanghai Jin Shan

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